Hello glee wikians! The Glee Wiki Yearbook staff here! For those of you who don't know, this is one of the information pages regarding the users on the Glee Wiki, this page is designed to give you a little bit of information into that user, allowing you to decide if you would like to vote for user in specific categories for the yearbook, the categories in which this user can be voted for in will be listed on this page. Remember the users need you to vote for them so they win an award in the yearbook! Administrators will be featured regardless due to their hard work on the Glee Wiki but not everyone is an administrator! So without further ado, I give you one of the Glee Wiki bureaucrats: Gleekobsessed!

Gleekobsessed: Who are they?




Current status on GW:

Bureaucrat and Spam Team User Captain.

Favorite Character:

Blaine Anderson.



Favorite Episode:

Mash Off.

Spread The Word:

You can always find me in chat.

Favorite song on Glee:

Rio/Hungry Like The Wolf. (Blaine & Cooper)

Close Friends on GW:

Beaky (Gleek1997), Nads (RandomRambler), Josh (Simple.PlanNER), Ker (IceBerry), Jess (Gleek4life353), Sasha (Svwiki99), Daniel (Just a Lucky Person), Molly (Hrsefinatic101)



Date of joining GW:

November 7th 2011.

What categories can i vote for Gleekobsessed in?

  • Most annoying but loved.
  • Most dangerous.
  • Most likely to end up in jail.
  • Coolest user.
  • Most likely to become the boss of all of us.
  • User of the year.

Goodbye glee wikians! We wish you a happy voting process!

The Glee Wiki Yearbook Staff.